CEREC Dental Implant Planning

How the CEREC Process is Different from the Older Methods

Herschel Berger CEREC Dentistry 55 Comments

The practice of dentistry has been an evolving medicine for hundreds of years. Now, we have finally arrived at a peak in advanced technology that has allowed dentistry to move leaps and bounds in efficiency and practicality. Patients no longer have to wait weeks to schedule appointments that take five minutes, only to require more waiting between appointments for treatment planning and materials to arrive. With the newest technology, the practice of dentistry has become fast, easy, and streamlined for efficiency, a higher degree of accuracy, and overall convenience.

Not all dentists utilize CEREC technology, but the alternative is what has now become an archaic, outdated mode of operating in dentistry practices. CEREC technology is a development that has changed the world of medicine, and has made dentistry much less of a hassle for the average individual. The CEREC process is different from older dentistry methods in several ways, and has made effective dentistry much more accessible to the masses. Here’s more information on the CEREC process and how it surpasses outdated dentistry practices.

What does the CEREC process involve?

CEREC, a term for ceramic reconstruction, is a digital/technological system that utilizes the most advanced technology in dentistry to design and engineer the highest-quality dental implants and restorations. This 3D technology allows your dentist to make crowns, bridges, and other dental implantations without the traditional process of dentistry that can take forever to get through—waiting for impressions and making multiple appointments is a thing of the past. This machinery allows your dentist to create a custom-made dental restorative technique and implant while you’re still in the office for your visit.

More accurate than older dental methodology

When making dental implants, including inlays and onlays, traditional dental processes can take forever, and for a result that isn’t completely and totally accurate. Making custom-made pieces that fit seamlessly into a smile might seem like a difficult process; however, CEREC technology allows your dentist to take a 3D digital “impression” or map of the area and then custom-designs a piece that fits perfectly into place, and looks like it was meant to be there. This advanced technology dismisses the notion that hand-made impressions are the only way to get an accurate 3D form to work with, and it designs a perfectly-made ceramic implant made of exceptional materials and quality.

Same-day dental transformations

Perhaps the biggest revelation CEREC has launched in the world of dentistry is the highly reduced time frame for dental planning and treatment. Providing the most accurate treatment options in mere moments, this technology has allowed dentistry practices to see more patients at more affordable rates, thereby extending the network of individuals who can receive dental care. This revolutionary technology is a radical step in the practice of dentistry for many reasons, but the main benefit is the major decrease in time it takes to provide accurate, efficient, and quality dental reconstructive services to patients.

Enhanced treatment preparation

The CEREC technological equipment provides enhanced treatment preparation for clients in many ways. Whether you have a cracked tooth, an old, failing implant, or require an implant, the CEREC system is a perfect solution. Using advanced 3D scanning, this process takes out the guesswork for your dentist. It streamlines the process from beginning to end, and all while you’re sitting in the dentist chair. Frequently with traditional dentistry, patients would have to engage in a back and forth process where they had to come back for numerous visits to make sure the implant fits properly and seamlessly in their mouth and smile; fortunately, CEREC makes these adjustments minimal to non-existent.

Our philosophy on CEREC technology

The Dental Group of Simi Valley is proud to utilize the Happy Lady After Dental Implant CEREC system of dentistry in our practice. For years we have offered this service to clients with great success, and have been able to reach a wider range of patients with more affordable rates in the Simi Valley and Ventura County areas. This advanced technology has changed our practice, and has changed the lives of many individuals who visit us for dentistry services. We take pride in our work, and our use of CEREC technology helps us feel confident in our ability to help even the toughest cases. If you have any questions about our processes, please contact our offices to speak to a helpful, friendly staff member.