Dental Implant Procedure

Risks Associated with a Dental Implant Procedure

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Injury and Infection

Because the dental implant procedure involves inserting a screw into the jawbone (to which a false tooth can be attached), there is a chance that the surgery may cause damage to nearby parts of the body. For example, the maxillary sinus cavity may be perforated by the implant, which can cause sinus problems following the surgery. Similarly, damage to the gingiva, lingual plate, or labial plate may also cause pain and additional mouth problems.

These issues may be made even worse by infection, which can occur when dirt or debris enters the site of the operation. A dental infection may present itself in a number of ways, including as inflammation or an abscess. Regardless, infection is typically quite painful and can cause damage to the immune system. So if you decide to undergo a dental implant procedure, you should make sure to thoroughly clean your mouth both beforehand and afterwards. Additionally, you should speak to your dentist about other steps you can take to prevent injury and/or infection.

Implant Failure

In addition to injury, another potential risk of a dental implant procedure is implant failure. The most common type of implant malfunction is the failure of the implant to integrate into the jawbone. In most cases, the bone around the implant will eventually fuse to the implant, thereby stabilizing it and integrating it into the system. However, this fusion process sometimes fails, allowing the implant to remain loose and destabilized. Fortunately, this can usually be prevented by taking antibiotics, which greatly increases the chance of the jawbone and the implant integrating with each other.

Other Issues

Although injury, infection, and implant failure are the most common risks associated with the dental implant procedure, a variety of other difficulties may occur. For example, a dental implant procedure may cause damage to the nerves and tissues surrounding the site of the surgery, which can lead to pain or numbness. Additionally, the procedure may sometimes lead to excessive bleeding or bone loss.

Ultimately, most dental implant procedures are completely safe. However, they are not without risk, and people suffering from tooth decay, diabetes, and reduced jawbone strength may be especially vulnerable to complications. So if you feel that you need a dental implant, you should speak with your doctor and dentist about the potential risks and consequences of the dental implant procedure. Also, you should be sure to have a skilled technician conduct the procedure, as they will be able to provide you with the best care possible before, during, and after the surgery.

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